Hi Karen, 

On Mon, 2002-08-19 at 23:57, Karen Lease wrote: 
> Hi Keiron etc,
> I'm really happy to see all this movement going on and folks from the 
> "maintenance" branch getting into the redesign to help you out. I'm 
> hoping to be able to start contributing again too, perhaps not right 
> away, but hopefully in September. There may even be some possibility of 
> getting to work on FOP as part of my "real" work, though it might be 
> hard to work on the new layout in that context. I'll keep the group posted.

Sounds good.

> I'll start by looking at the latest and then maybe cogitating on list or 
> table layout, depending on the timing and what others are interested in 
> doing. It looks like status.xml is the sign-up sheet for the tasks; is 
> that right?

Yes, the status is keeping track of things. 
Which reminds me there are some missing entries for Kevin and Rhett and
some others who are working on certain areas. 

> With regard to the line-height calculations, is anybody in the group 
> interested in getting into the gory details of the baseline stuff for 
> different scripts? I spent some time poring over the spec and trying to 
> get a handle on this, but maybe it's too much detail for now. On the 
> other hand, I'd really like to make sure that this version of FOP 
> handles that stuff correctly as well as being able to do the various 
> kinds of line-stacking strategies defined by the XSL-FO spec.

Plenty of tricky things in that area.

The line height calculation and alignment is only very basic at the moment.
The idea is that the LineLM gets certain information to find the offset to
baseline and total line height and when the InlineLM add areas they use this
information to set the position of the inline areas.

> Regards,
> Karen

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