Karen Lease wrote at 20 Aug 2002 23:07:46 +0200:
 > That would be good. I haven't looked at it for a month or so, but I had 
 > (as usual) some questions about various statements in the XSL-FO spec 
 > concerning the interpretation of the various properties. Perhaps we 
 > could go over those issues at some point.
 > Arved Sandstrom wrote:
 > >>-----Original Message-----
 > >>From: Karen Lease [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
 > >>With regard to the line-height calculations, is anybody in the group
 > >>interested in getting into the gory details of the baseline stuff for
 > >>different scripts? I spent some time poring over the spec and trying to
 > >>get a handle on this, but maybe it's too much detail for now. On the
 > >>other hand, I'd really like to make sure that this version of FOP
 > >>handles that stuff correctly as well as being able to do the various
 > >>kinds of line-stacking strategies defined by the XSL-FO spec.
 > >>
 > > 
 > > I am definitely interested. I have put some thought into these things
 > > already. Granted, when I implement it'll be a different codebase but I am
 > > happy to work out the details on this list.

You may be interested in Steve Zilles's statement in the abstract [1]
for his talk at next month's Unicode Conference where he says:

   The extended CSS/XSL model is based on the Open Type font
   model. This model posits a set of alignment baselines for different
   scripts, e.g., alphabetic, ideographic and hanging scripts. This
   allows characters in a given script, but presented in different
   font sizes, to be aligned on the baseline natural to that script.

I just looked in the XSL Recommendation, and Section 7.8.1 notes:

   XSL uses an abstract model of a font. This model is described in
   this section and is based on current font technology as exemplified
   by the OpenType specification [OpenType].

Maybe you also need to look at the OpenType spec.


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[1] http://www.unicode.org/iuc/iuc22/a365.html

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