Karen Lease wrote:
> ..., since a BreakPoss is 
> really just a potential Area.

Just nitpicking: It is the state of a LM tree, and in that sense
certainly a bit more than a potential area.

> The equivalent of that logic on the block stacking level could be to 
> have all block-level LM except the FlowLM return fairly large chunks 
> (between block-level FOs for example) and then have the FlowLM ask them 
> to break the block into smaller pieces when it gets a BreakPoss which 
> overflows the current column size. I was originally thinking of having 
> the block-level LM return on every Line, but that makes a lot of work 
> and a lot of object creation, so it would probably be slow.

I'm not sure whether a lot of object creation has to take place.
Anyway, why not pass the stack size to the block and let it return
if it *has* to break, and let the parent ask for earlier breaks
only if this does not reconcile well with other conditions, for
example when reconciling breaks in the cells of a table row or
for list items.


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