Hi all. I wonder if I can get some help.

I am currently using fo and fop to generate pdf documents for a large bank,
and it works beautifully.

We get the XML and apply a stylesheet to produce the document.

However, we have a requirements that means our using should have the
ability to edit the document. That means presenting an editor for the
generated fo.

Is there such a wysiwig editor availabe that ayone knows of ? I have done a
lot of searching, but they all seem to be very poor.

There is foa, but that is very complex.  I just want to edit fo, not play
with other custom layout documents.

If this does not exists, maybe to fop community, and I include myself in
that should being a project to write an editor.

The other alternative is to go fo->rtf     rtf-> fo. But conversions are
never satisfactory.

Any suggestions would be greatfully received.



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