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> I am currently using fo and fop to generate pdf documents for a large 
> bank,
> and it works beautifully.
> We get the XML and apply a stylesheet to produce the document.
> However, we have a requirements that means our using should have the
> ability to edit the document. [...]
> Is there such a wysiwig editor availabe that ayone knows of? I have 
> done a
> lot of searching, but they all seem to be very poor. [...]

There are no good visual editors of the type you are looking for.

However, there are a number of excellent visual editing tools which 
handle XML,
XSL, and may integrate FOP.  Two come to mind: FrameMaker 7 and 
Epic Editor.  If you are willing to change your workflow, you could 
one of these into your report generation.  (If you adopt FrameMaker 7, 
could use FM as your renderer, and gain lots of speed over FOP and other
XSL-FO renderers.  Note that using FM 7 in a server mode requires you to
pay a sort of hefty fee of around $8000, but as you said, "... a large 
bank ....")

You would have to change the workflow.  Presently, you are thinking:

   XML (data) -> XSLT -> XSL-FO -> [edit if necessary] -> FOP -> PDF


   XML (data) -> XSLT -> XML (structured) -> Epic -> XSLT -> XSL-FO -> 


   XML (data) -> XSLT -> XML (structured) -> FrameMaker 7 -> PDF

"Structured" indicates that these editors work on XML which is 
structured as required
by the DTD that the editor uses for the particular document.  So, you 
transform your data to the document structure before editing it.

Just in case you are interested ...


[Paul Grosso of Arbortext sits on the XSL-FO committee, if that means 

(Everyone knows Adobe's URL.)

Paul Furbacher

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