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> Patrick Andries wrote:
> > (*) Does anaybody know how glyphs variants and ligatures (see the
> > substitution feature in Opentype) should be selected from fo ? I believe
> > there is currently no such mechanism. Should we wait until another
> > of XSL-FO? Extensions ?
> If I understand the OpenType standard properly, it is supposed to do most
> this automatically (it seems to in some applications, but I am not sure
> whether it is the font or the application doing the work).

No I do not believe the font or the OS does it automatically, your
application does it. Some applications are enabled (make use of the
appropriate tables in the font) others not. MS Office tools for instance
don't take into account the ligature and substitutions specified for latin
scripts...but do it for others script where this is often essential.
InDesign does, on the other hand handle the latin ligatures. In the same
way, Java supplies you some API to the OpenType tables but does not, I
think, interpret them.

If you read French see the last part of this article (pp 34-38, 9. Rendu),
it is shorter than most of what I've seen written. Sorry for pointing to

P. Andries

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