that sounds very interesting. Normal procedures for sending changes is
to create a unified CVS diff file. You'll find some instructions
following the URL below:

It's best if you post the two diff files (against the maintenance branch
and the main branch) in a BugZilla entry, so it's not likely to get lost.
One of the committers (I'll try to do it during the weekend if you
can submit it it before then) will then review and apply the patch to
the codebase.

BugZilla is here: http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla/

Thanks a lot!

> I have runned several performance tests on the FOP and and I have found
> out several bottle necks (especially in the PropertyListBuilder).
> Most things is about reducing gc and some others about not so well written
> code.
> The result of this tunings gives me a speed of 3 time faster than the
> original FOP.
> So what do I do to get the code in to the fop-project (the problems are
> both in the fop 0.20.4 and in the DEV 1.0).
> I have also figured out some more thing but they are not so general but it
> makes the FOP as fast as a comersial tool written in C++ (StreamServe).

Jeremias Maerki

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