I downloaded 0.20.4 and this did not solve the problem. When will 0.20.5 be released?

Thanks for the answers so far; I understand that the problem I indicated is known and being fixed?
The problem is so severe to us that we cannot produce documentation, with many page references, using FOP right now...


Oleg Tkachenko wrote:

Arjan Loeffen / Salience BV wrote:

I fixed this on the site, (again) go to
But I'll attach a snippet to this mail.
Works like a charm for me in fop 0.20.5cvs. I see you have tested fop 0.20.4rc, so first of all upgrade to 0.20.4 release, if it doesn't help - get cvs version or wait for 0.20.5 release, it's fixed there for sure.

Arjan Loeffen

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