I want to include windows fonts in my PDF, but not embed them.
I converted the ttf font to XML, added it to my config file then I
made the change below to FontInfo.java to prevent the exception
that occurred where the embedFile is cast to a File object.

FOP seemed to run just fine and produced the PDF but when I go
to display the PDF, I get an error "110" problem with the document.
I tried to create a similar document with Acrobat and the major
in the PDF is that there is font width information in the in the Font
section. I also noticed that the XML font file that I produce is much
that the XML font file that are part of the FOP source distribution ??

Is the XML File being produced correctly ?

Did I miss something ??

John G

Changes to FontInfo.java.

 public String getEmbedFile() throws FOPException {
    if (embedFile == null) return null;

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