In short yes but... when you pull out that tag it causes the variable embedFile
to become null. This is fine since  FontReader.java code states that you need
to supply a null if you don't want to embed the font info. Presumably since the
BasrDir  feature was implemented, the FontInfo.java code tries to apply a test
to determine if the embedFile is absolute and if it isn't it prepends basedir,
test causes an NPE to occur which results in the message "Failed to read font
metrics file : null "

As I stated in my previous email, I added code to fix the NPE and it produced
the PDF without complaint. I just can't read it with Acrobat Reader. I also tried
to generate a similar file using Acrobat so I could compare differences. The main
difference is that the Font declaration in the PDF is missing a section named

This cause me to look at the XML Font files in the FOP source which is where I
discovered that the XML Font Files I generated with TTFReader were very

John G

Oleg Tkachenko wrote:

> John Gentilin wrote:
> > I want to include windows fonts in my PDF, but not embed them.
> Ahem, what is the difference? Have you tried this way?
> "If you do not want the font embedded in the PDF then remove the "embed-file"
> attribute. The PDF will then contain text using the font with the font metrics
> and to view it properly the font will need to be installed where it is being
> viewed." (http://xml.apache.org/fop/fonts.html)
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