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> XMP i think they call it. I would like to extend FOP to allow storing of
> this metadata within the produced PDF.

I'd love to see this !

See: http://www.adobe.com/products/xmp/main.html for more details. But
this is really just RDF.


Page 12 sums it all up in general.

And in

you will find exactly how to put it into PDF.

> Any ideas if this feasible and how I could go about it ??

Well; two methods; the first one (which is easiest but gets you little in
return) would be it integrate the adobe SDK with apache by using their
library interface. However it would be very limited to a few platforms and
propably not worth your time and a nightmare to maintain.

The second method is to read and study the XMPEmbedding.pdf spec and start
to code that directly into FOP. In the medium and long run that is
propably the quickest route; and luckily the standard is quite simple.

Once you've got something working - just post the patch on this list.

If there are -any- licenseing questions around this community;
[EMAIL PROTECTED] is the place to ask; and/or [EMAIL PROTECTED] And they
will use watherver legal cycles to make sure it is all sound.

Alternatively - there are plenty of small commercial outfits in the apache
ecosystem which would be happy to simply implement this for you and if
permitted by the customer would make it open source later.

Of course - wether this code ever makes it into FOP depends on if most of
the developers reach consensus as to wether this is a cool feature.


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