On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 16:52, Victor Mote wrote:
> Paul Hussein wrote:
> > I believe the adobe pdf standard includes the ability to store metadata
> > with the pdf.
> >
> > XMP i think they call it. I would like to extend FOP to allow storing of
> > this metadata within the produced PDF.
> >
> > I could then store the FO inside the PDF for later reference.
> >
> > Any ideas if this feasible and how I could go about it ??
> It sure looks feasible to me, and is something I have thought about adding.
> Others have already given some thoughts on how to get the information into
> the PDF. I agree with Dirk-Willem that that writing it directly into the PDF
> (along with all of the other FOP output) is the better way to go.
> The other issue is how to get the info into the FO file. It seems to me that
> this will require an extension, so be sure to check out
> http://xml.apache.org/fop/extensions.html if you haven't already.

Getting the data into the PDF should be quite easy with an extension.
The bookmark extension is a more complicated example of the sort of
thing needed.

Your extension element would contain the xmp data xml information which
is put into a pdf stream of type Metadata.

The difficult part is creating the xmp data, whatever it is.

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