Paul Hussein wrote:

> I believe the adobe pdf standard includes the ability to store metadata
> with the pdf.
> XMP i think they call it. I would like to extend FOP to allow storing of
> this metadata within the produced PDF.
> I could then store the FO inside the PDF for later reference.
> Any ideas if this feasible and how I could go about it ??

It sure looks feasible to me, and is something I have thought about adding.

Others have already given some thoughts on how to get the information into
the PDF. I agree with Dirk-Willem that that writing it directly into the PDF
(along with all of the other FOP output) is the better way to go.

The other issue is how to get the info into the FO file. It seems to me that
this will require an extension, so be sure to check out if you haven't already.

Victor Mote

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