(Warning: this mail starts slowly and is getting mean at the end...)

Oleg and I wonder what we should do with the fact that the FOP servlet
exists in docs/examples/embedding and contrib/servlet. Joerg seems to
have some ideas about this, so I hope he tells us when he's back from
holidays. But the other's opinion is also wanted here. IMO the servlet
should always be built from the sources now in contrib. The
docs/examples/embedding stuff should be deleted. Joerg thinks
differently, I think.

In the trunk we've also got the plan and MathML goodies.

I've started a "How to use FOP in Java/Usage patterns" tutorial
yesterday. When finished it will consist of some Java sources, a few XML
files (XMLs, FOs, XSLTs) and documentation in XML format.

The question is where's the best location to place all this stuff. It
would be best if we reorganized the directory structure, especially in
the context of moving to forrest. Let's take an inventory:

- basic documentation/website (maint and trunk)
- FOP servlet
- MathML extension (trunk only)
- Plan extension (trunk only)
- FOP usage tutorial (yet to come)
- FO schema
- FO samples (docs/examples/*)
- Testcases
- Hyphenation source files
- Sample config files
(anything else?)

Problems that need to be addressed:
- All Java sources need to be checked easily before a release (do they
  compile, do they work?).
- Helpful information has to be easily found.
- Consistent approach to place files.

In the past new stuff has been added to the codebase "somehow". This
should be cleaned up, too, while we're cleaning up the documentation.
Of course, that will generate a lot of work and probably some
reshuffling in CVS but will result in a cleaner directory structure. I
volunteer to do this in both the maint and trunk but I will probably
need help with CVS surgery if this is needed.

IMO the following things should be done:
- move the hyph directory to src/hyph
- move the FO schema to src/foschema
- move src/org to src/java/org
- move contrib/servlet to examples/servlet
- move contrib/plan to examples/plan
- move contrib/mathml to examples/mathml
- move conf to src/conf
- remove docs/examples/embedding
- move docs/examples to examples/fo
- place the tutorial in examples/tutorial or tutorial (don't know yet)

Flame away... :-)

Jeremias Maerki

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