On Tue, 2002-11-26 at 13:53, Jeremias Maerki wrote: 
> (Warning: this mail starts slowly and is getting mean at the end...)
> Oleg and I wonder what we should do with the fact that the FOP servlet
> exists in docs/examples/embedding and contrib/servlet. Joerg seems to
> have some ideas about this, so I hope he tells us when he's back from
> holidays. But the other's opinion is also wanted here. IMO the servlet
> should always be built from the sources now in contrib. The
> docs/examples/embedding stuff should be deleted. Joerg thinks
> differently, I think.

I think there should be a requirement that it compiles and works if it will be 

> In the trunk we've also got the plan and MathML goodies.
> I've started a "How to use FOP in Java/Usage patterns" tutorial
> yesterday. When finished it will consist of some Java sources, a few XML
> files (XMLs, FOs, XSLTs) and documentation in XML format.

Great idea!

> The question is where's the best location to place all this stuff. It
> would be best if we reorganized the directory structure, especially in
> the context of moving to forrest. Let's take an inventory:
> - basic documentation/website (maint and trunk)
> - FOP servlet
> - MathML extension (trunk only)
> - Plan extension (trunk only)
> - FOP usage tutorial (yet to come)
> - FO schema
> - FO samples (docs/examples/*)
> - Testcases
> - Hyphenation source files
> - Sample config files
> (anything else?)
> Problems that need to be addressed:
> - All Java sources need to be checked easily before a release (do they
>   compile, do they work?).

Could ant call help out here? No extra build.sh or build.bat. 
I'm not sure how/if it can do it but something about calling an external

> - Helpful information has to be easily found.
> - Consistent approach to place files.
> In the past new stuff has been added to the codebase "somehow". This
> should be cleaned up, too, while we're cleaning up the documentation.
> Of course, that will generate a lot of work and probably some
> reshuffling in CVS but will result in a cleaner directory structure. I
> volunteer to do this in both the maint and trunk but I will probably
> need help with CVS surgery if this is needed.
> IMO the following things should be done:
> - move the hyph directory to src/hyph
> - move the FO schema to src/foschema
> - move src/org to src/java/org
> - move conf to src/conf
> - move contrib/servlet to examples/servlet
> - move contrib/plan to examples/plan
> - move contrib/mathml to examples/mathml
> - remove docs/examples/embedding
> - move docs/examples to examples/fo
> - place the tutorial in examples/tutorial or tutorial (don't know yet)

So the examples are: tutorials, fo documents, embedding examples and
extensions. Sounds clearer to be under:

Another thing I was thinking of. The pdf bookmark extension is a bit
confusing being placed in .../fop/extensions/ because it suggests a
generic extension which it isn't.

The testing will also be needed to move somewhere better I think. It
will have code, fo files, other resources and some way of running tests.

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