I see that Keiron has republished the web site. Here are some comments:

1. Keiron, would it help any, now that you have gotten the basic flow going,
for one of us to take the web-site publication burden from you? I know
Christian is involved in doc. If he does not wish to do it, I would be happy
to run that. If reasonable, I would make an effort to publish it daily. What
steps are required? Should we put the steps in a document (which would be
visible from the web)? I realize that long-term Forrest does this

2. The new "Compliance" document is now visible at
http://xml.apache.org/fop/compliance.html. It refers to color-coding which,
by passing through Forrest, we don't have yet. I'll work on either removing
the color-coding reference or getting the color-coding to work.

3. I envision the Compliance document to be a replacement for the
"Implemented" and "Limitations" documents. It was built from information on
those two pages, as well as a complete listing of objects & properties, and
the information about standard compliance levels. Is there any objection to
removing these documents? I'll double-check to make sure no useful
information falls through the cracks.

4. The information in Compliance is probably not complete or accurate. I'm
going to be culling through the mailing lists to try to get some of it
cleaned up. If you see something that is not right, please either 1) fix it,
2) submit a patch, or 3) send me an email & I'll fix it. Thanks.

Victor Mote

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