Victor Mote wrote:
I see that Keiron has republished the web site. Here are some comments:

1. Keiron, would it help any, now that you have gotten the basic flow going,
for one of us to take the web-site publication burden from you? I know
Christian is involved in doc. If he does not wish to do it, I would be happy
to run that. If reasonable, I would make an effort to publish it daily. What
I don't mind at all ;-)

3. I envision the Compliance document to be a replacement for the
"Implemented" and "Limitations" documents. It was built from information on
those two pages, as well as a complete listing of objects & properties, and
the information about standard compliance levels. Is there any objection to
removing these documents? I'll double-check to make sure no useful
This makes sense (a comment about leader seems to be missing)


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