Victor Mote wrote:
While working on an FAQ for FO dtd & schema, I see that we have two schema
in docs/foschema: fop4f.xsd & fop4.xsd. They are similar. Does anyone know
what the purpose for both is, why we have 2, or the 4 & 4f designations?

I think that Chuck was appending a letter to each version of the schema. When he submitted fop4g.xsd, I cleaned the tabs out of fop4f.xsd, and committed that file as fop4.xsd. I then did similar clanups on fop4g.xsd, and committed that as a change to fop4.xsd. So from fop4.xsd, you can recover the latest two versions of the file. fop4f.xsd is for historical reference only, left in case there were any problems with my cleanups of fop4.xsd. At the time I let Chuck know what I had done, and asked him if he could submit a diff against that file as his next version.


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