Victor Mote and Peter West wrote:
> I noticed from your commt that the 'country-name's had lost their
> . . .
> However, the 3-letter language codes are the ones we need.

I took the text for that section from one of the ISO standards. I wasn't sure which standard I should be applying. The text in there should track with the valid values for those fields. The country name text isn't actually used in the schema but, It is very useful for populating drop-down lists etc. in any interface generated from the schema.

>> While working on an FAQ for FO dtd & schema, I see that we have two schema in docs/foschema: fop4f.xsd & fop4.xsd.
> I then did similar clanups on fop4g.xsd, and committed that as a change to fop4.xsd. (etc.)
> See
> If no one objects, I would like to move this information to fop.xsd & let
> CVS handle the revision issues. The viewcvs program allows us to append a
> revision number, so we could even branch & tag this to keep it tied to
> releases.
> Victor Mote

I created the FOP schema for me and posted it to the list so everyone else could benefit from my work. Feel free to change it however you like. I put some stuff in there in the <documentation> sections so I could generate automated tests, I segregated the FOP implemented and non-implemented features etc. Someone else posted that they'd like to put in some schematron extensions. That would be cool too.

> Chuck, if you want me to post a copy of the file to you, let me know.

Yes, please cross post the changes to me since I'm not hooked up to the CVS.

Chuck Paussa

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