Peter B. West wrote:

> Victor Mote wrote:
> > While working on an FAQ for FO dtd & schema, I see that we have
> two schema
> > in docs/foschema: fop4f.xsd & fop4.xsd. They are similar. Does
> anyone know
> > what the purpose for both is, why we have 2, or the 4 & 4f designations?
> Victor,
> I think that Chuck was appending a letter to each version of the schema.
>   When he submitted fop4g.xsd, I cleaned the tabs out of fop4f.xsd, and
> committed that file as fop4.xsd.  I then did similar clanups on
> fop4g.xsd, and committed that as a change to fop4.xsd.  So from
> fop4.xsd, you can recover the latest two versions of the file.
> fop4f.xsd is for historical reference only, left in case there were any
> problems with my cleanups of fop4.xsd.  At the time I let Chuck know
> what I had done, and asked him if he could submit a diff against that
> file as his next version.
> See

If no one objects, I would like to move this information to fop.xsd & let
CVS handle the revision issues. The viewcvs program allows us to append a
revision number, so we could even branch & tag this to keep it tied to

Victor Mote

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