Peter B. West wrote:

> I'm not sure what your intention is, but from the wording of the commit
> comment, I think I may have mislead you with a previous posting.  4f was
> the superseded version.  (Yes, I know, I should have left 4g.)  fop4.xsd
> contained the latest version (4g).

Right. I think your posting was correct. I had some trouble with my cvs
client, so it took me three tries to get it in there right. You might very
well a few hours ago have gotten a version that was incorrect. Here is what
should be there now:

Old                               New
----------------------------      --------------------------
fop4f.xsd, revision 1.1           fop.xsd, revision 1.1
fop4.xsd, revision 1.1            fop.xsd, revision 1.2
fop4.xsd, revision 1.2            fop.xsd, revision 1.3

I carried the old log messages forward, and included the substance of the
above table on each revision. The maintenance branch tag is on 1.1, the same
revision for which it was before.

Let me know if this is not correct, or if what you see in the repository
doesn't match this. Thanks.

Victor Mote

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