Peter B. West wrote:

> Victor,
> I noticed from your commt that the 'country-name's had lost their
> I don't know whether this was in the original, but it certainly reads
> awkwardly.

I am pretty sure that the contents of the files didn't get changed. I'll
resurrect the fop4.xsd file for a minute to make sure that is true.

> fop.xsd also includes 2-letter language codes. However, the 3-letter
> language codes are the ones we need.  They have terminology and
> bibliographic variants (the terminology variant is normative for XSL)
> which occasionally differ.  Many languages have the legacy 639-1
> 2-letter as well, and it is useful to keep them about the place, as they
> are frequently used, e.g. en_US.  See ISO 639-2T, ISO 639-2B, ISO 639-1
> <>
> In conf/xml-lang.xml (under tag FOP_0-20-0_Alt-Design, naturally) I have
> included these variants as optional attributes in the language entries.
>   E.g. the following consecutive entries:
>      <language terminology="zho" bibliographic="chi" iso639-1="zh"
>        EnglishName="Chinese"
>        FrenchName="chinois"/>
>      <language terminology="chk"
>        EnglishName="Chuukese"
>        FrenchName="chuuk"/>
> fop.xsd has no "script" entries.  xml-lang.xml contains script codes
> according to the latest version of the ISO 15924 draft that I could find.

Since my only purpose here is to get a stable URL for the FAQ, I don't
intend right now to dive into the content. However, for those who want to,
it should be a little clearer now in which file to do that.

Victor Mote

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