J.Pietschmann wrote:
Peter B. West wrote:

...the intention of the spec would be realised by laying out 0 of the repeatable-p-m-refs "thin", out of the available range of 0-100, then laying out 1 of the "thick" r-p-m-refs.

Interesting and useful interpretation. The problem is, how to
implement this?

It depends on your overall method of generating areas. This goes to overall design questions, which are on hold until we have had a chance to consider the Sun product, but if layout is driven from below (as in a sense it already is), with tentative layouts bubbling upwards until they strike an invalidating constraint, which then follows them back down the tree for a retry, and all of this eventually comes back up to the PageMaker level, then, in the case above, the result would be a no-can-do, accompanied by the dimensions of the best attempt.

The PageMaker would then look for a layout master alternative, discarding the remainder of the repetitions in the process, and having a go at the "thick" master. That succeeds. If it didn't the fallback mode would be determined by the "overflow" property.

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