On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 15:07, Peter B. West wrote:
> > If possible I think we should try to avoid making multiple passes since
> > it can lead to loops etc. The table layout auto will need at least two
> > passes but this should be possible using the layout managers.
> Is that a "should be" or an "is"?  Given your recent concerns about the 
> rapidly increasing complexity of your design, do you have a feasible 
> solution for auto layout?

There is no "is" until it starts working, I haven't tried to do it yet.

> You have, of course, read my notes on this topic.  If, by some 
> mischance, you have not, you'll find them in the alt.design section of 
> the web page.  When you get around to migrating it to forrest, that is. 
>   When is that likely to be, by the way?

Yes I have read it, but it doesn't exactly explain the specifics. Also
doing certain things for each line area, yes it could work, no I don't
like the possible results.

Well there is no one stopping you from migrating them.

> > So how do we deal with all these things without making it really slow
> > and complicated.
> I would suggest just getting it working.  If that ever happens,
> 1) I will be pleasantly surprised
> 2) you can then worry about making it faster.

I could just do it, special cases can use special techniques provided it
doesn't effect normal cases too much.

> If it doesn't happen, then, when I have finished my work on properties, 
> I will design and implement the layout engine, and it *will* work. 
> Before then, however, the whole exercise may have been rendered academic 
> by Sun.

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