J.Pietschmann wrote:

There are layouts for which it is very hard to decide what
to do. Consider the following:
<fo:root xmlns:fo="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Format";>
    <fo:simple-page-master master-name="thin"
      page-width="110mm" page-height="297mm">
    <fo:simple-page-master master-name="thick"
      page-width="210mm" page-height="297mm">
    <fo:page-sequence-master master-name="master">
        maximum-repeats="100" master-reference="thin"/>
      <fo:repeatable-page-master-reference master-reference="thick"/>
  <fo:page-sequence master-reference="master">
    <fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body">
      <fo:block width="150mm">blabla..............</fo:block>

Should this create 100 empty pages and render the text onto
the 101st page, or should it squeeze it onto the first page,
thereby violating the advised width constraint of the block?
btw, how does such a case addressed by the spec? Apparently FOP, antenna and xep do squeeze content. Isn't it an example of overconstrained geometry (5.3.4)?

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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