I'll try to clarify the FAQ entry.

The short answer is that you need to configure it to embed the required
font and/or use the correct encoding for the characters in the XML.

The default pdf fonts only have a certain set of characters.

I don't know anything about croatian characters so I might need some
more help from you.

btw this is more of a user question.


On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 08:46, Adis Katkic wrote:
> Hi
> I have created I java class that takes xml file and xsl file and creates 
> pdf.
> Now my xml has croatian character and those are showen as #.
> I read documentation and it says that fonts must be avaliable on the 
> platform.
> Now I don't understand this since I have croatina locale set and I can view 
> pdf files that have
> croatian characters.
> I have tried to use different font familises for fo:block tag. (Arial, 
> Symbol etc ...)
> What should I do to make it work. If you can explain it to me step by step I 
> would be very thankful.
> My method is

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