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> Subject: Re: Sun XSL Formatter
> "Arved Sandstrom" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Well, Java or C or C++ or Haskell, it would have been nice to
> have a clue.
> >
> > We have an ASF tradition of developing communities...this kind of stuff
> that
> > Sun and IBM does is getting old. Don't open-source it; sell it. I will
> argue
> > against its adoption into Apache.
> Googling for xmlroff yields:
> http://www.plurb.com/webservices/UBL4.pdf
> Looks like they want to donate it to Gnome, not Apache.
> Despite your not wanting to sound bitter, your protest still sounds bitter
> anyway.
> -Peter-

No bitterness at all, actually, Peter. It takes a bit of wind out of my
sails, sure, since xmlroff is so similar to the project that Eric Bischoff
and myself were working on. Tony has certainly been aware of that for quite
a long time - I don't understand why the secrecy, myself, seeing as how we
are now looking at an OSS donation anyway.

I'd be bitter if I were so arrogant as to think of myself as being upstaged.
:-) That's not the case. I am quite familiar with the spec, and there are
now a number of competing efforts. None of which are quite accurate. So
there is room for more competition. Alternatively, I may talk to Tony and
Eric and see if we can assist.


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