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> Sent: December 14, 2002 3:01 PM
> Subject: RE: Sun XSL Formatter
> Peter S. Housel wrote:
> > Looks like they want to donate it to Gnome, not Apache.
> AFAIR, the BSD license is pretty incompatible with the Apache license. One
> of the reasons that the xmlroff announcement doesn't change my
> commitment to
> FOP is that, for my interests anyway, the Apache license is
> superior. Others
> are that it is not written in Java, and only runs on
> Sun-supported operating
> systems. It almost seems like Java was bypassed because it runs
> on Microsoft
> operating systems. There are other deficiencies that I think are probable,
> but we won't know until we get to play with it.
> I definitely intend to keep plugging away at FOP.
> Victor Mote

Victor, I intend to continue supporting FOP myself.

But can I point out that C is about as portable as it gets?


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