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> Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> > But can I point out that C is about as portable as it gets?
> Maybe someone on this list has time to throw xmlroff source code
> into Visual
> Studio & let us know how it goes :-)

I'll probably do just that. If it was well-written code then it'll compile.
There is nothing OS-specific about XSL, barring optimizations.

> Sorry, I don't mean to be smart. It certainly seems to me that
> C-portable is
> an entirely different concept than Java-portable.

Sure, in a narrow sense. Binary rather than source. In practical terms C is
considerably more portable. Java is basically a Windows and MacOS X VM.

> Also, I didn't intend to /only/ highlight portability. Java has lots of
> other advantages over C that are important to this kind of application. I
> won't recite them here, since everyone on this list already knows them.

We could debate that. :-) I spend a lot of time every week dealing with Java

Seriously, you're right. Java is better for this. Writing good C requires a
lot of background.


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