On Mon, 2002-12-16 at 14:32, Salonen, Aki wrote:
> Hi!
> I've been using FOP for Inventory reporting in PDF format.
> It works great with documents less that 200 pages when
> we have enough memory in server.
> We need to produce reports with pages up to 1000 pages
> and within one pagesequence.
> I would like to serialize AreaTree to filesystem
> to prevent server running out of memory.
> What is best place to start from?
> I've notice that sources in CVS have AreaTree subclasses:
> AreaTree.AreaTreeModel 
> AreaTree.RenderPagesModel 
> AreaTree.StorePagesModel 
> Does these classes already provide support for areatree
> to-filesystem-caching
> during pagesequence rendering?

Yes this is implemented, the CachedRenderPagesModel does it.
Caching only really helps when there are forward references. All other
pages are rendered and streamed out straight away.

> How about latest 0.20.5rc release. Didn't find those classes there.

It is not implemented in the releases, this functionality is only in the
development in cvs.

Your help with the development would be appreciated.

> Any help appreciated.

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