On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 15:23, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> > I don't get this.  How can PDFs be transformed?
> There are Java libraries that read PDFs. What would be really cool is to 
> have a reader or something like it that uses a PDF as a template.
> Using FOP for just filling out forms is overkill, we just need templating.
> This is a general use case of PDF transformation, and another that I 
> would really like to see is to generate a "non-controlled copy" stamp on 
> the PDF for the management of ISO9001 documentation.
> Or simply by adding a copyright statement.

Sounds like some good ideas.

It would be possible to do some work with Fop so that it can:
- convert xsl:fo to paged xml
- convert paged xml to pdf (or other formats)
- define templates with the paged xml
- append paged xml to a current document

So it would be possible to create the paged xml from fo. Then to do a
transform or directly convert or append the paged xml to pdf.
Also the extensions and foreign xml can be passed through directly so
that both formats support the same extensions, such as svg.

So the changes that would need to be made are:
- improve and update xml renderer so that it can output SAX
- improve and update AreaTreeBuilder so that it takes SAX input
- make some additions to the pdf lib so it can load and read pdf

Then it shouldn't be so hard to add in extensions for pdf forms etc.

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