Title: JforIntegrationInFop - background and guidelines
I looked at the page, Rhett. It looks good as a mission statement. This area interests me a lot too, and I hope to start adding to it.
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Sent: December 26, 2002 2:39 PM
Subject: Overconstraint & Anomalous documents page in Wiki

I've added a page to the Wiki in an attempt to put all of our previous discussion and what documentation I can find regarding overconstraint, anomalous documents, etc.  It's located at:
I'd like to make this part of a general documentation of layout design in general, and hope to be a strong facilitator in its development on the Wiki.  I welcome anyone who's had anything to say about overconstraint or other anomalous conditions in the past to start putting their ideas up on the page.  With a little work, I think we can start incorporating a design for overconstraint resolution into the HEAD layout managers.  I see the rudiments of that system already forming, so I think we've got a good starting point.

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