Title: RE: Overconstraint & Anomalous documents page in Wiki
That'll do nicely.  Thanks!
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Subject: RE: Overconstraint & Anomalous documents page in Wiki

On Fri, 2002-12-27 at 14:36, Rhett Aultman wrote:
> Thanks.  I'd really like to get the ball to start rolling on this so that overconstraint can be readily included in with the layout system...figured the new Wiki was a good way to get a little documentation together on this.  Anyone with an interest in this topic...please pile the material in there.
> Also, Keiron, do you think that maybe we might be able to gather together your current pontifications regarding layout?  I think it's a very relevant page to put up in the Wiki.  I'm happy to write the page if you can help me find the appropriate content.

I suppose you mean this:

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