Thanks.  I'd really like to get the ball to start rolling on this so that 
overconstraint can be readily included in with the layout system...figured the new 
Wiki was a good way to get a little documentation together on this.  Anyone with an 
interest in this topic...please pile the material in there.

Also, Keiron, do you think that maybe we might be able to gather together your current 
pontifications regarding layout?  I think it's a very relevant page to put up in the 
Wiki.  I'm happy to write the page if you can help me find the appropriate content.

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From: Arved Sandstrom [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: RE: Overconstraint & Anomalous documents page in Wiki

I looked at the page, Rhett. It looks good as a mission statement. This area interests 
me a lot too, and I hope to start adding to it.

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        From: Rhett Aultman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
        Sent: December 26, 2002 2:39 PM
        Subject: Overconstraint & Anomalous documents page in Wiki
        I've added a page to the Wiki in an attempt to put all of our previous 
discussion and what documentation I can find regarding overconstraint, anomalous 
documents, etc.  It's located at:
        I'd like to make this part of a general documentation of layout design in 
general, and hope to be a strong facilitator in its development on the Wiki.  I 
welcome anyone who's had anything to say about overconstraint or other anomalous 
conditions in the past to start putting their ideas up on the page.  With a little 
work, I think we can start incorporating a design for overconstraint resolution into 
the HEAD layout managers.  I see the rudiments of that system already forming, so I 
think we've got a good starting point.

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