Hi Oleg

Wait a minute! I'm just about to commit a huge bunch of changes which
includes TextInfo/FontState stuff. Not that I changed a lot. I've just
got rid of stuff that wasn't used and I don't want you to have to change
a lot again after my commit.

On your question, I can't answer right away, but it is one one the
things that got my attention when going over these classes. I'll dig
deeper into this as soon as the CVS commits are done. More to come...

On 08.01.2003 13:11:34 Oleg Tkachenko wrote:
> How are we going to process underline/overline etc stuff?
> It's a little bit confusing - we've got unused TextState class along with 
> TextInfo that includes text-decoration info already. Lets get rid of TextState ?
> And what about rendering, does pdf support text-decoration directly or we have 
> to draw lines as in the branch?

Jeremias Maerki

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