> Hello!
> How are we going to process underline/overline etc stuff?
> It's a little bit confusing - we've got unused TextState class along with 
> TextInfo that includes text-decoration info already. Lets get rid of TextState ?
> And what about rendering, does pdf support text-decoration directly or we 
> to draw lines as in the branch?

For the area tree and rending these traits, I think, can apply to inline area, inline 
parent or line area.
For the pdf renderer I think it needs to be a line drawn as in the branch as pdf 
doesn't support it. One problem would be that the underline should be constant 
across all the text and whitespace, if pdf supported it then it would not work 
properly anyway.

Have you managed to work out how the underline/overline should work, for 
example when there are embedded inline areas that contain a different font, 
colour or baseline.

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