Hi Oleg

On 08.01.2003 13:11:34 Oleg Tkachenko wrote:
> How are we going to process underline/overline etc stuff?
> It's a little bit confusing - we've got unused TextState class along with 
> TextInfo that includes text-decoration info already. Lets get rid of TextState ?
> And what about rendering, does pdf support text-decoration directly or we have 
> to draw lines as in the branch?

TextState seems to be dead. References in PageNumber, PageNumberCitation
and FOText but without any function. So remove it.

TextInfo looks better but could IMO be merged with FontState which only
hold the font name and size and a link to the FontMetrics. Anyway, I
think this merged class will be a candidate for the Flyweight pattern so
we don't generate so many TextInfo/FontState objects (one for each FObj
I think). Brings up the question of efficiently looking up existing
Flyweights, on the other side.

As far as underline/overline stuff is concerned, I like the idea of
having PrintRenderer calculate these and calling subclasses to draw the
lines (like in the branch). That makes the behaviour uniform over most
renderers (those derived from PrintRenderer).

Would it help if I started again with the PostScript renderer so code
factored out into PrintRenderer can be verified?

Jeremias Maerki

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