Hi Arnd

I think so. Just file a patch to BugZilla as soon as possible.

Just keep in mind that the FOP maintenance branch is (from our POV) in
bugfixing-only mode. Additions from developers will probably get
included but it'll be a dead end. We're looking for manpower to get the
redesign to a developer's release as soon as possible.

Christian, when do you plan to release 0.20.5? Seems like no major bugs
are around, right?

On 08.01.2003 19:20:15 Arnd Bei▀ner wrote:
> A question for 0.20.5:
> The PS renderer currently emits lots of redundant moveto instructions.
> By changing the "current position" logic in the renderer, I reduced file
> size to 50% (for my test files, contating few small images and lots of 
> text
> in tables).
> I don't have a diff at hand, because I also changed other things that
> are not nearly ready for release (like PS font embedding), but work for 
> me.
> Depending on when the deadline for 0.20.5 is, I could still reapply
> the moveto changes in the current CVS version - but I won't find the
> time in the next few days.
> Is there still time for this?

Jeremias Maerki

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