Hi Jeremias,

I just submitted the PS renderer fix/enhancement I recently mentioned
to BugZilla, bug #16130

After removing all of the stuff I also did (but which are not really
shippable yet...), the changes are really quite small.

Basically the change is: the current position is only written to the PS 
when something is rendered, not when FOP instructs the renderer to change
the current pos. At first glance it seems like the move call is missing 
when images
are rendered - but it's not. For images, a translate instruction is used 

The patch works fine for my test files (invoices and call detail pages 
with lots and lots
of tables + some small bitmaps). I retested with a PS level 2 and PS level 
3 printer.

The effect can be rather huge - instead of shipping 4 CDs of print files, 
my client
now only needs 2 for a billing run. It seems that more redundant movetos 
are generated
when tables are used - perhaps an extra moveto per cell?

Hope you can still get this into 0.20.5,


Arnd Beissner
Cappelino Informationstechnologie GmbH
Arnd Bei▀ner

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