Manoj Unnikrishnan wrote:

> I want to generate pdf files and print them to a
> specific paper bin. How can I do this?
> When the PDF is printed I want the first page to be
> printed on letter head paper and all the others on
> plain paper.

No, this is not possible - at least not in an
automatic kind of way. PDF by itself doesn't
support this in the file format. You could try to
remote-control the Acrobat Reader while printing
the document. You can get this to work in a 
controlled environment, but I wouldn't recommend
this for production use.

In theory, PJTF (job tickets extension for PDF)
could be the answer to your problem, but as far
as I know paper bins are not defined yet.

For a customer who urgently needed the same kind
of thing, we switched to PostScript output with FOP
and extended (well, so far it's rather a hack)
FOP's PS renderer to support PPD commands.

Hope this helps,

Arnd Beissner
Cappelino Informationstechnologie GmbH
Arnd Bei▀ner

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