Oleg Tkachenko wrote:
Hello there!

btw, forgive my ignorance, but how do I get the site to be updated? I have generated one more page for logo contest and commited pages successfully to xml-site/targets/fop, but after 2 days the site is still not updated :(
You have to login to xml.apache.org, cd to /www/xml.apache.org/fop/...wherever... and perform a cvs update -d

The -d, as I discovered, forces creation of any new subdirectories in the working copy.

PS. I've been sort of out of FOP dev last month due to heavy workload, but finally we've got next version of our product installed today and now I hope I have a chance to return to our great dude.
I, likewise, have been on the margin since New Year. I blame the woman I met a the NY'sE party I attended, often. And I have moved to a new flat.

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