I made an inquiry on URW's web site yesterday, and received a response
today. The short story is that what I had inferred from the postings on
other lists is correct: the patent to hz-program is now owned by Adobe, and
is probably the basis for their paragraph-level formatting in InDesign. So
to summarize:
  - hz-program is not accessible to us (patented)
  - pdfTeX is not accessible to us (GPL)
  - I will try to learn what I can from the Knuth, Karow, and Seybold
documents & let you know whether there is anything useful in them
  - I think we should feel free to learn whatever we can from TeX. In fact,
I think it might be a worthwhile effort to see whether some of the TeX
developers wouldn't want to join our effort. As far as I can tell, we're
working on the same project with different input syntax. I wouldn't want to
take developers away from TeX, but I think it is worth exploring places
where we could unite development efforts. Perhaps some of the TeX guys that
follows this list would like to comment on this.

Victor Mote

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