Ralph LaChance wrote:

> I'm puzzled how they can own a patent on an algorithm stated years
> ago and summarized in a european student's thesis.  But then I don'w
> know about these things   ;-)

I am under the impression that hz-program and pdfTeX were basically
independent efforts, probably with some cross-pollinization. I'm no expert
on this, but I don't think anyone could patent the general idea of paragraph
optimization, but only perhaps(!) a specific algorithm or implementation of
doing so. So I doubt that pdfTeX is in danger, and I doubt that we will be
either if we develop paragraph optimization. However, I could be wrong -- if
anyone thinks we should be concerned about it (legal exposure to Apache),
and knows what to do about it, please speak up. Otherwise, I think we just
keep plodding along.

Victor Mote

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