>And, well, I hope our PetroBras friend changed enough of the
>pt.xml to claim copyright, as he assigned it summarily to
>the ASF... nice, but a real legal burden! I checked it in, but
>now I think I should have asked for a paper first.

I didn't modify the old pt.xml file, I wrote a new one entirely from
scratch. If you diff the files you can see that very clearly. The old one
didn't even take accented characters into consideration (he claimed so, but
the patterns contained no accented characters), and produced a lot of
errors. It also defined some words in the <exception> section which where
hyphenated incorrectly.

The original TEX file was made by Paulo Rezende, now back in Brazil (at
Unicamp), and it was converted by Paulo Soares (working presently in
Portugal), who I contacted at the time. He posted no objection of us
replacing the file. (In fact, he doesn't use FOP at all and actually works
in a rival project...)

Marcelo Jaccoud Amaral
Petrobrás (http://www.petrobras.com.br)
"A História é uma velhota que se repete sem cessar."
        Eça de Queiroz, in "Cartas de Inglaterra"

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