Creating patterns for Portuguese is much simpler than with English.
Thank you for the explanation. I *knew* there should be something
easier than english. Or german. Or hungarian, FTM. There is still
an unresolved issue: why do so many people still use english? :-)

Actually I did this in my spare time, and only some months later I came to
use it in a company project that used FOP (with my influence, of course).
So the file is not property of Petrobrás, it is mine.
Good to hear!

But my employee
wouldn't care anyway. Petrobrás' business is oil, not software,
You wouldn't believe where PHBs go searching for something to
squeeze money out of when funds run short...

I am donating the hyphenation file to the ASF, and although it would be
nice to keep the copyright, I think that would hamper future enhancements,
or not?
As long as you don't choose to revoke the license for all
future and past versions (rather than forking or whatever),
there wouldn't be a problem. This was recently extensively
discussed on slashdot in response to an interview with a
real lawyer.


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