Keiron Liddle wrote:
Hi Jens,

Do you want to get started on implementing it in the redesign?
What we will need is an InlineContainerLayoutManager that returns a single inline object as with other layout managers such as image. The inline-container area will have width, height and alignment.

The renderers will need to handle the inline container, this might already be done but it wouldn't be tested.

Inside the inline container it will need to find all the breaks and then to calculate the height. The IPD must be fixed and this will be passed down to the child layout managers. Once it has all the breaks all it need to do is set the height. When the areas are added it will get all the child LM's to add there areas from the breaks, then it will add the inline container to the parent and do the alignment.


Could you spell this out in a bit more detail if possible? I am also interested in how the inline-area copes with having to pass line-areas back up to a parent. I am thinking of the interpretation we developed on the basis of the "clarification" of the behaviour of various inline FOs.
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