Hi Peter,

For the inline-container all it does is return one or more inline viewport areas.
I think, but need to check, that it only can create more than one viewport if the IPD 
of the contents is perpendicular to the parent IPD. This ensures that the areas a 
properly ordered. If the IPD is the same as the parent then there cannot be inline 
areas after the inline-container viewport unless the inline-container is finished in 
which case only one viewport will be created.
The viewport/reference areas are almost the same as for images and instream 
foreign objects.

Inside the reference area will be the block areas from the child block FO's stacked 
in the BPD. The IPD is either set or has a maximum of the parent IPD. So to find the 
dimensions of the inline container it needs to layout the child block areas and get 
the result.

I'm not sure what you mean by "pass line-areas back up to a parent" as the child 
areas of the inline container are not passed up. This is a different situation than 
when there are blocks inside and fo:inline.

> Could you spell this out in a bit more detail if possible?  I am also 
> interested in how the inline-area copes with having to pass line-areas 
> back up to a parent.  I am thinking of the interpretation we developed 
> on the basis of the "clarification" of the behaviour of various inline FOs.
> -- 
> Peter B. West  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  

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