I can't tell. Probably not. I hope Keiron can jump in here.

The only thing that comes to my mind right now is the problem of garbage
collection. Having parent-to-child references is one thing. Having
child-to-parent references is another. In the PDF lib refactoring I'm
currently doing, I've introduced WeakReferences for child-to-parent
references so discarded objects can be garbage collected without having
to develop extensive clean-up code. Maybe something like that played in
there: Minimizing child to parent references. I really can't tell from

Anyway, may I ask for the reason that you want to do that?

On 20.03.2003 19:03:25 Victor Mote wrote:
> There is a change between the maintenance branch & the redesign (trunk) that
> I do not understand. The constructor for FOText no longer has its parent
> node as a parameter as it did in the maintenance branch. Does anyone know
> the purpose of this? FWIW, it was part of the very first revision after the
> maintenance branch was created (rev 1.25). Specifically, is it a problem if
> I put it back in?

Jeremias Maerki

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