Hi Victor,

If I can remember correctly, it was done for a few reasons.
Originally it was using the parent to load properties, it would then store these 
properties in variables and pass them to methods when doing layout.
It is possible that the same parent could have more than one FOText child created, 
depending on SAX events and other children, this meant that it was reading those 
properties and putting them into variables multiple times when only one copy was 
needed. The TextInfo class holds this information.
Also now that the layout is done separately it is easier to pass a single object with 
all the text information.
The other is to reduce references in the fo tree.

So if possible I would suggest putting the required properties into the TextInfo 


> There is a change between the maintenance branch & the redesign (trunk) that
> I do not understand. The constructor for FOText no longer has its parent
> node as a parameter as it did in the maintenance branch. Does anyone know
> the purpose of this? FWIW, it was part of the very first revision after the
> maintenance branch was created (rev 1.25). Specifically, is it a problem if
> I put it back in?

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