Keiron Liddle wrote:

> This sounds more like a layout thing.
> If you are going to find complete words to do some manipulation
> then I would
> suggest taking a look at the "getWordChars" method in the layout
> managers. This
> is used to gather together all strings in from different layout
> managers, eg. when
> there is a inline fo. At the moment it is meant for hyphenation.
> The exact implementation for this may change but that is the general idea.

I'll look at this further, but I suspect that by the time it gets to layout,
its identity as part of a specific FOText object is lost (this was true in
maintenance). In the maintenance branch, the /only/ place where the FOText
object identity was retained /and/ you could find a way to see text in
adjoining nodes (actually only preceding nodes) was in the FOText
constructor, as part of the constructor passed the text off to be laid out.
If the layout is less eager in the trunk, then maybe there is another way to
do this.

Victor Mote

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